Kauai Style Concierge by Mike Lyons

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Sharing Authentic Kokua…”being of gracious service”

…and having as much FUN as we can!!!

Mike has worked within Hawaiis unique luxury hospitality world for over 40 years, and what defines him is a blend of excited participation within his vibrant community, celebrating his abundant cultural influences, and fulfilling accomplishments culminating in a deeply spiritual, kind hearted, and passionate person. His identity was forged from a lifetime of island hospitality experiences, embracing a vast history of  insights and heritage filled wisdom from being intimately involved.

Where Kauai Style Concierge’s Local Born Knowledge Comes From

     As a part hawaiian born and raised native, island themes and traditions seasoned Mike’s character and upbringing on Kauai and Oahu. Values were taught and morals instilled by family example. Compassion and giving of oneself are qualities that resonate throughout his life. His wisdom comes from having tried all of the islands outdoor venues,  regular visits to the  many restaurants and knowing where the most beautiful scenery can be found.

     Mike worked for  many years as general manager and property caretaker for Kauai’s largest most exclusive north shore estate, rented by high profile Hollywood celebrities and VIP families.  Merging enthusiasm and his local wisdom with thorough competence, he fostered trusted relationship with many film actors and their families, world dignitaries and business leaders. His adept handling of their special requests and gracious discretion has kept his portfolio full of returning trusted friends and guests.

     During high school on Oahu working at“ Outrigger Hotels” as a concierge , with“Blue Hawaiian” helicopter as a concierge, Kauai’s “Na Pali Adventures” private boat tours first mate, “Princeville Ranch Adventures” guide and escort, private escort/guide/concierge for Sony Studios, locations scout/production assistance for Kauai made movies,  limousine driver,  and many more companies. His extensive experiences in all facets of upscale hospitality allows him to flourish within his community in offering authentic vacation moments for all.

Mikes education, travel experiences, professional life

     Graduating from Punahou High School on Oahu and Univ of California Santa Barbara, he applied his degrees and academic achievements in concert with his hands on island wisdom and extensive experiences.

     As a fortunate young adult, learning first hand lessons while roaming throughout Europe and the U.S.  taught self reliance, trust in others and living thru instincts. He learned fluent german and spanish.

     Mike was a dedicated Maui county fire fighter/EMT handling extreme situations on Molokai, Lanai and Maui.  His devotion to saving lives through risk aversion continues today as he is always on duty to assist in all situations. As an Oahu county life guard, sharing his love of the sea meant remaining vigilant of hazards. This accumulated wisdom ensures his  family, community and guests are safe with him.  To further his desire to be of service, he was accepted into an  intense summer EMT program at Univ California Los Angeles, training with city paramedics to gain emergency knowledge to better and actively help in his rural Kauai community.

     Mikes pride in his gracious heritage cast his deep empathy and appreciation for his home.  Within his lineage is his hawaiian great grandmother Rosalie Keli’inoi,the first female Hawaii state legislator.  His grandparents and father, also born and raised on Kauai, allowed him to immerse into his island environment, learning from a loving upbringing. He is surrounded by  an earnest ohana of beloved kupuna(elders), gifted musicians, pioneering water men, prominent public service representatives and small business owners.

Mike’s Professional Background

     Throughout the years, Hollywood studios engaged his cordial island expertise and intimate community connections, entrusting him with arranging private estates and unique activities for their elite clientele and troubleshooting on set or estate security issues, handling unusual demands on exotic locales. Feature films made on Kauai such as “Jurassic Park”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Just Go With It” and “Tropic Thunder” allowed him to share his constructive and helpful understanding of his home with the crews, stars, executives and their friends. 

     Mikes fascination with premium food, wine and exceptional hospitality  led to involvement with “Roy’s” Hawaiian fusion restaurants, assisting in opening new restaurants from the ground up and staffing through the years.

     He learned detailed aspects of a small business while partnering and groundbreaking the plush  Spa Bar in San Francisco.

     As an accomplished lomilomi masseur with a 25 year private clientele, Mike operates a successful all island massage business. “Pau Hana Massage” thrives on a solid word of mouth reputation in treating all clients,friends and family to exceptional hawaiian based bodywork.

     Although competing in professional beach volleyball tournaments throughout  California and Hawaii during the summers and skiing in Austria and California during the winters kept him fit and active, Mikes favorite place to be is in his local ocean. Having grown up on both north shores of Oahu and Kauai, he remains a die hard passionate surfer, spending endless winter days as a young man out at Pipeline, Sunset beach and his favorite, Hanalei bay. During the off season, you can find him swimming the coast, paddling a canoe, snorkeling with his family, exploring the shorelines.

  • licensed Hawaii real estate agent

  • certified lomilomi masseur

  • trained EMT/First responder

  • lifelong surfer

  • devoted loving daddy and husband.

Mike contributes his time and profits to various local and international foundations:

    • American Cancer Society (in honor of mom and brother Tommy)

    • Surf rider Foundation, Hawaii

    • Camp Laurel- Children living with HIV, California

    • Doctors without Borders International

    • Mono Lake Committee, California

    • Food Bank, Kauai

    • Kokua Foundation, Hawaii