Amazed by Na Pali

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Start here…exquisite journey.  Make your acquaintance with what its like to walk for no other reason than to witness the moments.  Singular or in sweet harmony with the previous and upcoming,  palpable moments belong to you as you venture. The experience is powerful and fundamental, having nothing to do with proper philosophies or getting from point A to point B.  With audacity as your mantra, you experience things you couldn’t have imagined, couldn’t have guessed.  Seems real life urges and pulses with the rhythms of the trail . Some stroll, some awkwardly approach. Some congregate to allow healing to begin.  Whatever compels.  Glimpses of grandeur promise to coax you onward.  Nothing elusive or vague here.  Only living at large…

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