…and cue the sunrise

Many a Kauai morning begins with a tall coffee mocha.

And then i head out to Kauapea beach, my favorite 2 mile soft sand “boot camp” run.  Known as “Secrets”, my backyard shoreline shares many surprises.

Daily workouts are never set in stone. Always be prepared for the unusual.   I bring enough water, goggles, sunscreen and snacks just in case the pod of spinner dolphins is close to shore. Interaction causes time to become irrelevant.

An occasional endangered monk seal will obliviously lounge at water’s edge. Multitudes of shearwater and arctic terns soar high above.  The dynamic Kauapea sea can be calm as a pond for a vigorous coastal swim, or invite community surfers during winter months. Vacation homes fringe the crest of the cliffs overlooking the sand.

A public access presents you at the base of first beach and the rest is up to you.

Contemplative, euphoric, dynamic are words that come closest to how this stretch of Kauai enthralls me! It’s a place to lounge, meditate, sweat, and recoil from routine. I love to share the history and traits with visiting guests!

The beauty of Kauapea beach is… impromptu adventures often occur!
Flexibility improved, times for a papaya smoothie…come join me for a workout!

  1. mike says:

    time for some swimming too…super calm now and the spinner dolphins are everywhere

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