Be fresh. Be relevant. Most important, be useful.

“the true adventurer is one who escapes the treadmill of the obvious”  C. Bonnington…


On our luscious isle of Kauai, with visuals and boundaries that stretch on forever, there is a sense that all this gorgeous poetry would take many lifetimes to even begin to appreciate.  It seems that  visitors untangle from the paradoxes of trying to make never ending sense of life in the real world…once here, appreciation stems from the direct experience of just being in the raw moment.  Attachment and expectations  prevent the unfolding so its my joy to ease and calm guests seeking the places,events,experiences that capture their imaginations.  I am ever learning on how to be of better service to visitors unsure of what their vacation is suppose to be about. As if the soul and spirit, ripening and deepening together, come to a profound realization  that right here right now is perfect.    I love being present for those exquisite unveiling  moments that arrive when a person reflects beyond them self on where they are in this infinitely  complex and  gorgeous world .  Kauai liberates


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