Best of Kauai..and the

Kauai is a life changing destination.  All shades of inspiring, hypnotic, tranquil, and enthralling moments occur here.   When its time to get away, our gorgeous oasis in the middle of the pacific offers amazing  experiences  for everyone.  As a concierge, it is my pleasure to assist first time visitors in enjoying the best our island has to offer.  Assembling itineraries to what resonates with my guests is important.

Equally important is to steer vacationers away from tourist traps and impulsive decisions that will detract from their overall enjoyment.  Being an independent concierge and not commission contracted to specific hotel based venues, my only obligation is to my guests.  My bias is based on born and raised local knowledge and having experienced all of the activities offered on Kauai.  If i haven’t personally worked for them , i have gone on the tours to see how they “work”.  I will be forthright with my guests when they ask for my opinion on an unsafe or deceitful venue, always insistent for the absolute  concern for well being.  My range of responsibilities are geared towards guests ultimate satisfaction and I’ll humbly do everything i can to present the best.  Individual tastes and perceptions aside, if its unethical, illegal or a blatant waste of money, I’ll be honest and do the right thing.  As an example, while searching for all inclusive wedding package deals,  my guests asked my opinion.  I first listened to what specifics they really wanted on their special day.  Instead of a scripted bland wedding in a cardboard box on a property that performs the same wedding ceremony everyday, we collaborated on what turned out to be a glorious personalized  event with authentic food,music,officiant and unique location. Not only was the experience picture perfect beautiful and special, they customized their choices in harmony with my suggestions.

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