Kauai Style personally welcomes every guest into your vacation villa!

We love to make you feel right at home…

Stylish accents and decadent delights to compliment your Garden Island ambiance.  Rest your mind assure, it’s our pleasure to enrich your experience in EVERY way we can.  Here are some sample suggestions from our expansive portfolio of treats:

We’re poised to welcome you upon arrival with warm smiles and fresh homemade leis, your SUV or convertible jeep curbside and decked out with maps and cold drinks.

We’ll have ample nourishment ready prior to arrival… stocked refrigerator with local grown veggies, fresh ahi poke, sweet papayas and bananas, island brewed lager and local coffees; (Don’t forget the Roselani vanilla bean ice cream.) We’ll also direct you to bountiful farmers markets nearby.

As your family savors the days, we are delighted to clean, rearrange and refresh your villa throughout your stay. Upon return, nestle in and rejoice the day without the disarray!

We tend towards the natural flow and since we live here, we’ve extensively “been there…done that”. We are intimately acquainted with the islands offerings. Our depth and breadth of knowledge through experiencing translates perfectly in finding the excursions and extravaganzas that resonate with you! Dawn patrol tee time, luaus, private ocean cruises, and unique functions and activities will be arranged.

Venture with a personal guide for the isle tour… we know the terrestrial trails and sea routes, shortcuts, rules and ways of the quaint roads. Hiring our laid back enthusiastic escort allows for poignant local story telling and photo ops.

At your request, we’ll extend our professional and courteous services with total discretion. Be it private Jet airport transfers, personal protection for you and your family, luxury car rental and chauffeur limousine, pre-arranged access to out of hours shopping or anonymous bookings and reservations, we offer seamless collaboration in managing your confidential requests.<

We mean to satisfy and are overjoyed to reserve your space.

Please let us know if we can be of assistance!