The dramatic launch point on to the Na Pali trail, I’ve promoted this first leg as an awesome cardio workout and my favorite nature walk since kid days. Throughout my life, in times of despair or celebration, this trail always quenches my wounded heart and brings clarity to a tattered soul.

Although I don’t remember my 3rd birthday and first hike, black and white pictures of my parents and family remind me of my long relationship with this glorious stretch of trail. The journey is filled with kind traditions. For example, every passerby is to be respectfully greeted as this ancient trail served not only as a commerce route but a cooperative social internet. Remnants of koa canoe, terrace cultivation and stone artifacts have been found throughout the valley.

The time it takes to venture 2 miles to the first beach is dependent on your level of savor.   Siblings, friends and I have run barefoot during the dry months, sipping from trickling artesian spring water veins within the rock walls.  

Early morning coast swims  from Ke’e beach park test our summer month stamina. Bare essential challenges were the youthful ultra extreme and those exotic endeavors seemed to harmonize within the dramatic temperament of the trail.

These days, in honor of the vibrant ancient populace, a brisk pace is best with pauses to learn about the kukui, ohia lehua and lauhala native plants and uses by the Hawaiians.

At the core of the plush valley, a proud waterfall cascades into a pond and wanders through the valley. Sit a moment and bite into a ripe guava.

Dramatic seasonal conditions from river and waves, molds the size of the beige sand beach.

Expansive and inviting or drastic and treacherous, the shoreline is in constant motion.

  1. mike says:

    its so amazing right now in June!

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