One of the most visually appealing valleys on our planet is Hanalei. The stunning visual treats that i come upon on my daily outtings with clients and guests are absolutely amazing! I never tire of the awesome rainbows and waterfalls right after a evening squall line.  During kona wind weather regimes, when the air is still and the warmth of the earth creates lush detailed fog shrouded mornings, i am ever amazed at whats around the corner once over the valley one lane bridge.  I’ve learned to keep my camera and phone in my truck at all times…Taro fields are a continuing authentic hawaiian agriculture that produces the sweetest poi in the world.  I often get requests from friends all over the mainland for another care package of freshly made hanalei poi!  I often sit quietly still, noone around but a few nene’s and rare hawaiian stilts in the lo’i, just observing the landscape and savoring unbelievable beauty!

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