Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

….2013 already feels like its going to be a prosperous, healthy, enticing  new beginning in many ways!  At the height of our whirlwind Christmas season here in Hanalei, i was present to witness many wonderful occurrences.  Standing mesmerized  on an ocean side cliff amongst a dozen  visitors from around  the globe and watching  humpbacks whales leaping out of the water, we were awestruck in their seemingly desperate attempt to fly.  It warmed my heart to see us all shoulder to shoulder with cameras, binoculars and  smiles savoring the  antics of these seasonal  visitors.  The dialogue about where they came from, what they are doing and how awesome they are kept us enthralled for a good half hour.

Gracious ride sharing was in full swing as rental cars were sold out leading  guests to  seek out locals for help.  Many of my friends simple loaned an extra car or drove people to their specific destinations and would not accept payment.  Others opened their homes to guests who were stranded an extra day due to flight cancellations or campers hampered by a prominent trail closure.  Last minute family on stand by  couldn’t believe their good fortune on arrival in  getting an ocean view condo due to a perfectly time insider phone call.   Acts of kindness went unnoticed  yet were nice examples of how life on Kauai flows…the random fisherman pulling the tired body surfer from the shoreline waves, the local surf instructor taking it upon himself to call a chef friend to squeeze in a couple wanting a 50th anniversary dinner without reservations, and a neighbor climbing a coconut tree for a group of kids new to the idea of fresh coconut.  It flows so nicely as it should….

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