Kauai is an enchanting oasis.  A rich and wondrous garden of spiritual, cultural and ecological diversity found nowhere else on this earth. To discover hallowed places, sublime experiences and soulful teachings, one must immerse. Kauai unplugged if you will.

Within this rich society, a living history continues to flourish. Core traditions are perpetuated by dedicated loving caregivers, revitalizing the old ways that have been imposed upon. Connect with us in honoring the native jungles, watersheds, landmarks and ecosystems throughout true timeless Kauai. Peer into the past recalling the history and environment of the ahapua’a, where the people lived, loved and celebrated their flourishing life. Gather in celebrating their stories and place names that tied them to the soul of the land.

Guests often ask “Where do YOU go?”

I begin with the Na Pali coast … an otherworldly excursion into realms beyond description. Narratives fail to convey the astonishing wonders. As you tread down the jagged age old trail, anxieties dissolves and solitude occurs. Encounter lush valleys drenched in archeological splendors perched above churning blue surf. Evidence is all around of the Hawaiians thriving embrace of their bountiful home. Linger to admire the splendor of their paradise. Mesmerizing scenic vistas stretch to the horizon. And then…

Alakai swamp...Come knee deep wander through the high altitude rainforests, known as the rainiest place on earth, native plants and endangered bird species exist in this terrestrial wonder. The stunning grandeur of Waimea canyon and Kokee state park are destinations to spend another full day discovering.

Limahuli gardens…Take a stroll through elaborate lo’i “terraces” used to cultivate kalo producing poi, the Hawaiian mainstay food. Investigate the endemic species proliferation program, working to carefully revitalizing our many delicate flora populations.

Waipa Foundations…Partake or observe a cultural enrichment program. Here, true Hawaiian life lessons are actualized and teachings are devoted to educating haumana “students “in stewardship of Kauai’s ahupua’a “land sustainment” and loving the aina “land”. 

Hanalei poi…Sample homegrown and delicious poi… nutritionally superior, hypoallergenic and THE staple food of Hawaiians. Best savored with kalua pork, laulau and ahi poke. Gather in a Polynesian welcoming ritual to sip intoxicating ’awa shared from a wooden bowl. The pungent yet soothing ceremonial beverage will elicit a calm demeanor!

Heiau “temples… Strategic sanctuaries established throughout our islands and may be respectfully visited. Built with lava rock using ancestral mortar- less techniques and used for eons in ceremony, burial and healing, these alters are shrouded in sacred Hawaiian beliefs. Here amongst the worn “pohaku” black boulders, one senses firsthand the graceful power of the Hawaiians spiritually saturated lives. “Chicken skin” moments or goose bumps happen here.

Hawaiian Performances…It’s our good fortune to have a variety of amazing performers on island! Lively fire dancing, ukulele serenading, Tahitian drumming or graceful after hours hula reviews are available. Kauai’s courteous performers are delighted to harmonize in paying tribute with you. Solo slack key, original chants and legends, these exceptional local artists gladly give tutorials! A “must do” is taking a hula lesson to experience the sensual story telling movements.


Kauai Style Concierge unites within our  community to share with everyone our profound love of Kauai.

Please call us anytime when you are visiting.

Live pono.