dan inouye

Honoring Senator Daniel Inouye






Returning home to Hawaii from college in California for Christmas break was always an exciting time for me…warm ocean, trade winds and humid air,  family gatherings, friends, loving talks about college with mom. So much i missed while away at college.   The flight home from California seemed to take 10 hours.  Before Ipads and laptops, a good book or a stack of surfing magazines would have to suffice to temper my almost uncontrollable excitement on going home for the holidays…

One particular flight home remains vibrant in my memory…on departure at LAX,  a good friend working for United bumped me up to first class. Those days are long gone….! Seated next to me was Senator Inouye, island bound for the holidays as well.  His distinct calm baritone  voice greeted me kindly.  Our 5 hour flight was punctuated with dialogue on weather in Washington, how long we both were to be home, specifics on college course study and our love of receiving leis from family once deplaned.  I sensed a dignified man abit  leery from his long day on planes yet extremely nice in his demeanor.

Its funny how a specific encounter 25 years ago can still  resonate within me today…I am saddened to know that our wonderful Senator Inouye passed away yesterday. I took a few moments to remember my brief time with him.   I will always hold him in high regard for all his incredible accomplishments.  Aloha and mahalo Daniel Inouye

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