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John Artes, President – Endeavor Security Consulting, Inc (Jennifer Aniston security)

In 2010, my company had the good fortune to provide security protection to the actors and crew that were filming on the islands of Maui and Kauai. While on Kauai, one of the clients rented an estate managed by Mr Mike Lyons and his family. In my many years of dealing with high profile celebrities, I have found that many people forget were boundaries needed to be established. This was simply not the case with Mike Lyons. Mike and his family conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism, class, and expertise of an estate manager. I was very pleased with the entire experience. Mike understood the need for “thinking outside the box” and he was willing to go above and beyond what was and should be expected of him. I would gladly recommend to any client that chose to stay at an estate managed by Mr. Lyons that they are in the best hands possible. You are the star Mike, and it is because of you that made the clients stay, and my dealings with you the most memorable experience.


~John Artes, President – Endeavor Security Consulting, Inc

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