What makes Kauai Locals so Different

The true meaning of being a local has to do with not only staking claim to ones birthplace. Its an all encompassing term incorporating multiple character specific traits that are based on grace, being friendly, full of shared knowledge, approachable and above all …Aloha.

Defining  local is easy for those of us born and raised in Hawaii. When you are living local, theres no other way to be.  You just know. Newcomers strive to blend in, seeking to acquire the intangibles that are deep within our bone marrow. Values are shared by example within my community and family. That vast wisdom isn’t gained easily by others.   The key component to true local living is the deep respect you extend to all others and know is extended back to you.  Ysecretou just know Respect. Doesn’t mean you love everyone or cannot have disagreements. Everyone has a right to their option. We are fortunate to live on a beautiful unique island, loving what we do for our visitors and newcomers.

Kauai Style Concierge is founded on the premise of “Kokua”, being of gracious service and “Kahiau” living through selfless generosity. These are hawaiian values ingrained in our local upbringing and are extended to all our guests. Integrity guides our thriving business and ensures our visitors are afford amazing memorable vacation experiences. Come be a part of our heritage! We love to showcase our home with you, sharing the places and experiences that keep you visiting.



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