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Kauai spring break

Favorite time of the year varies for everyone….long summer days filled with beach, sun and the outdoors  captivates us all.  Fall forces a change of course as  the school year begins.  Winter, with its diminishing daylight,  is the dynamic surf season and a prime time to get away from the cold of the mainland…

and then theres the magic of    Spring

Lopsided opinions on best place to spring break depend on what it is you seek…college crowd craving Cancun extreme hedonism, adventure  junkies seeking the untrammeled outback,  mom and dad hoping to sit quietly still with a good book by the shoreline…. As long as the choice coincides with the meaning of Spring…its all good!

Come step out of the clenched lifestyle where reverence for embarrassingly awful “reality” television, “lifestyle lifts” and medication infomercials falsely  justify themselves.

So grab your friends and or family and come revitalize Kauai Style… Back to the vibrant world of here and now, in line with all that reconnects us back to source!

YOU take care of your bags and dog sitter, i’ll take care of the rainbows and help you rediscover what “true” reality is…

Connect with us and we’ll arrange your cozy accommodations, exciting adventures, delectable meals!  Accents appropriate for spring celebration….


Alyssa secrets rock

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