Kauai tragedy January 2013

IMG_0170In response to hundreds of emails, forum posts on Tripadvisor/fodors/froomers and more, i felt compelled to show where the two gentleman ventured and drowned last week.  Down a rugged trail, paralleling a stream, you come out into a beautiful scene of lava, fish ponds, watefall, and epic cliffs overlooking the ocean. This photo is during a calm june evening.  Zero waves… no trade winds so barely even a ripple this day.  Wide open to fish, dive, play in the tide pools….family members gathered to savor the moments.

The day the group of 5 ventured out to the same plateau in the background, a high surf WARNING was in effect; meaning, stay away from all shorelines!!! Beaches on the north shore of Kauai were closed yet this group CHOSE to ignore the dangers.  I’ve been been called flippant and  cavalier by mainlanders in response to my writing to the San Fransisco chronicle, garden island news and Huffington post in dialoguing about this latest tragedy.  I invite anyone to come with me as a guest to see this place.  Its not about the guide books being slandered for promoting off the beaten track dangerous places without lifeguards and emergency response 20 minutes away…its  about these unfortunate guests who lost their lives…its about experience and wisdom gained on the ground in real time.  Best prevention is to show you where not to go and why….

I’m not asking to be hired.  Common sense and knowledge are powerful tools and its my responsibility as a human to help those unknowing of the hazards of my birth place…


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