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Kauai vacation expert…

In celebrating the many wonderful gracious guests i have had the pleasure of assisting in various creative ways, i have to pause occasionally and remember to be first and foremost…grateful!!  I am privileged to be called upon from all walks of life and all types of people, seeking to savor truly amazing moments while vacationing on Kauai!  I also have to thank my Hawaiian heritage to remember that it is my birth right  destiny to continue to ensure that the reasons visitors flourish and enjoy this amazing island are the same reasons i continue to thrive and remain engaged in my birth place.  Its all about loving where you live and who you are authentically, to be genuine and fun! I love helping a family find a perfect shoreline cottage for two weeks, or assist and handle all the details for a group of Europeans unfamiliar with the customs and specifics of camping and hiking on Kauai.  I love escorting a group of enthusiastic seniors on a 4 island private tour utilizing my local knowledge of all the islands.  I love ensuring that the day spend swimming with turtles and finding a pod of spinner dolphins is the highlight for the family from Pittsburgh. I love being discreet and honoring a celebrities simple request to be anonymous and see some local known places and helping select a great last minute restaurant.  I love guiding a bunch of daredevils from Utah, keen to stand up paddle the coastline.  I love to receive emails and letters from the many guests once they are back home, missing the magical moments they enjoyed.

Save the date when you are coming to Kauai  or ANY island for that matter and i am right here to be of gracious assistance!

At your leisure and at your service…Kauai Style concierge


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