Kauai – worlds #1 international destination…

So it seems from this past months interactions with humans from around the globe, Kauai continues to rank on the top of the worlds  savory destination list.  I had the pleasure of escorting some wonderfully intrepid folks from Slovenia down the Na Pali trail and to a few of my exotic off the radar spots as well as local eateries.  Engaged a couple on their honeymoon from Poland and east Berlin and ended up inventing an awesome on the spot  inventory consisting of swimming with dolphins, outdoor massages, waterfall hike, leisurely camping spot for two nights.  Had the additional pleasure of sending a couple from Grass Valley, here on their 50th wedding anniversary, on my friends sailing canoe over Hanalei bay with champagne in hand and dazzling sunset.  New Zealand family not happy with their hotel allowed me to find them a cute little cottage by the shore and they reveled in their new found accommodations…and saved a ton of money!  Directed an exuberant movie executive from the UK also to a better hotel and showed her the great Kauai overlooks before sending her on to Oahu.  South Africans found my website and inquired about full moon celebrations on Kauai, local style foods, camping permits and private surf lessons.

Extensive genuine  travel and leisure experience combined with gracious native intelligence leads to well informed absolutely content visitors….that’s what Kauai Style concierge stands for! a hui ho

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