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This is why the Kauai Ocean is so special to me

Many times throughout my life, the ocean has saved me. Literally pulled me back from the brink of going over the edge in grief and sadness.  Losing my sweet mother to ovarian cancer and then a year later watching my older brothers last breath to a brain tumor conspired to push me deep into the dark. All I wanted was to be back in Kauai by the ocean.

I am extremely fortunate to have been raised by the sea in Hawaii. My parents thankfully gave birth to me on an  island that is salt water centric.  Where would i be if born and bred in Nebraska?

Sitting quietly still be the shoreline evokes emotions that are deep and difficult to describe yet essential for learning how to embrace gratitude.  I am forever grateful to be living and thriving in my birthplace where all life revolves around the sea.  We recreate to wash off lifes complications. Surfing in particular is my favorite, where i feel most connected with the wonders of this life! The horizon so far away, the little wind created ripletts surrounding me, sweet stagnant seaweed smell from an unseen turtle combine in concert to sensually reaffirm that i am alive. Living afar for a decade never diluted my need to be in the ocean. Either on the Adriatic sea in Italy or living in San Francisco, regardless of the temperature or cleanlinees of my surroundings, the ocean drew me in.

Kauai’s ocean are especially amazing to me.  A little known  bay on the Na Pali coast called Awa’awapuhi is the resting place of mom and brother tommys ashes. I like to think that although i cannot get to them often by boat, they have trickled over to hanalei bay and i get to surf with them all winter.

I love assisting first time visitors to my lush isle, immersing with them on their first snorkeling adventure into a prisitine reef. Watching the joy of a first time surfer stand up and glide to shore never gets old. The transformation from apprehension to quietly confident reinforces that subtle yet powerful pull the ocean has even for those first timers.

Although the wind and rain also soothe me with their elements, drawing me into  a nurturing state of peace, the ocean is where i find my most perfect state of mind and soul.  Come join me…P1010328


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