2015 hanalei

Kauai’s Pure Essence… authentic Kauai Style vacations

Kauai, our lush tranquil island home continues to amaze, deeply move, captivate those who visit. Authentic pure moments endlessly occur for anyone who chooses to immerse into the exquisite beauty of our home. To sit quietly still by the shoreline, trek into the moist jungle canopy, plunge into a warm hidden sea cave, and ride your first wave are a few of the boundless experiences that guests savor on a daily basis.

The pure joy of our island has to be experienced with an open heart, a playful spirit and a constant appreciation that this is truly a sacred place like no other.

Island impressions

Hollywood portrayals tend to showcase the flowery edges with diluted scenes and fake accents to appease an obligatory sense of what many “think” island life is about. Paying tribute with outdated impressions of meaningless tourist shows while proclaiming them authentic is not only disingenous but damaging by perpetuating untruths. I’ve had the pleasure of hosting many hollywood movie stars and families and while they perfect their art while filming movies on Kauai, they themselves seek a pure connection while vacationing here.

False portrayls

Countless mainland companies promote the best of our island, enticing with discount delights and two for one pancake meals as long as you book with them. The random sidewalk chalk board sales pitch with misspelled Kauai names should be a give away that they are profit seeking above local wisdom.
Opinion based websites such as Tripadvisor and Yelp bank on proported first hand experiences to assist future others in making decisions to do “the best” and avoid “the worst” while forgetting that each persons experince is unique and specific regardless of outcome.
Its amazing to me the majority of vacation companies that seek to quantify their deals with quirky mottos and glossy promises while cramming their guests into concrete condos, content to maroon their guests and indifferent to complaints.

Kokua “being of gracious service”
I am forever grateful to have been taught by loving example, living through selfless generosity in all i accomplish in life.
To be ideally located within Kauai’s awe inspring community keeps me endlessly grateful to my hawaiian heritage and family who gave birth and raised me here.
Living and sharing my islands treasures is who i am. Creating a service to assist visitors is deeply satisfying to my belief that i am on this planet to be of gracious service. there is no higher reward.

I invite you to unwind, be inspired, loose count of rainbows and sunsets!
Celebrate Kauai Style…pure authentic amazing!2015 hanalei

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