Ocean adventures…Stand Up Paddling

Profound and exhilarating connections flow everyday on Kauai…and they  all begin within our bountiful ocean!   Stand up paddling has taken off, and rightly so,  as a sport for everyone.  SUP opens up frontiers to vast numbers of visitors unfamiliar with the hazards and apprehensions associated with other powerful sports such as surfing.  The stunning coast line and pristine reefs are  easily enjoyed and  spontaneous encounters with turtles and dolphins happen often due to just getting on a board.  Ease of access and a quick learning curve seem to dissolve away concerns about competence.  Best to hire a guide for the first few lessons and learn from a local about where to venture, techniques, and safety concerns.  I’ve escorted families around our tranquil Hanalei bay (summer months) and up the various rivers around Kauai, and within the flotilla, awe inspiring moments are celebrated…unwind and savor the rhythms of the ocean!

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