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Signature Kauai…

Vacationing on Kauai is breathtaking. Abundant adventures, stunning view planes, exotic flavors and smells, immeasurable organic experiences are savored every day. Those unforgettable moments reverberate long after a person has returned to their home. No matter if your intent is to explore or unwind, this plush island will enchant and mesmerize.

Many of my guests ask what is the best way to thoroughly enjoy their time on Kauai. My gracious response is always “what do you feel like doing?” As a born and raised local, i have had the priviledge of working all the guests favorite venues, tried all the diverse restaurants and cafes, personally know the store owners and activity personnel. I’ve hiked the trails, swam the coast and explored the bays and hidden coves.  Having also worked as a local fire fighter and EMT, i am keenly aware of adverse situations that occur and am always vigilant of hazards. In concert, all this wisdom and knowledge gained by direct involvement gives me a skill set to assist visitors. An ideal day depends on what resonates with a guests style of living combined with whatever suggestions we decide on together.  Adventure packed or slow motion savor, local expertise is my forte in blending all the moments into creative local leisure.   Many come for  a soothing respite away from the blare of technology. High tech to no tech. Some are celebrating a union in love or a trip of a life time.  Serenity and simplicity are shared and celebrated with everyone.  Contact me at anytime…love to be part of your memgirl tidepoolories….



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