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   Something deeply fulfilling occurs when we find ourselves immersed in the warmth of the ocean. Its a feeling of utter  bliss  beyond simple happiness. An unmovable feeling that sustains and reinvigorates, an instant transformation from the moment you dip in your big toe.  Salt water intervention is a potent remedy for many common vacation  maladies.  Recently,while escorting a nice family of  first time  Kauai guests around the island, their worn out impish  4 year old  son reached his limits and meltdown occurred. This common scenario unraveled quickly and was basically due to the parents jamming as much of Kauai into as little time as possible. No amount of shave ice bribery could temper the little guy.  I quickly suggested…“Just add water”…meaning…lets head to the beach!!  I’m no expert other than arm chair  ocean enthusiast and when desperate pleas lead to unraveling and mayhem , the magic potion is the sea.   Basking on a  slice of extra warm shoreline topped with a roll in the hot dry sand, coupled with sand sculpturing, hole digging and driftwood bridge building perked him back to adorable. Success..!   As a boy, every  school day  began with  predawn moments on the shore near my home. All it took were  a few minutes ankle deep with sand ball in hand to happily  begin my day.  Our island existences and lifestyles are ocean centric.  We can hardly wait for the upcoming winter surf season or the weekend to set out our fishing lines. All our favorite activities and sports revolve around an intimate tactile relationship within the ocean.  Be it canoe racing, scuba, surfing, or simple lounging before sunset…if is in the ocean, life is grand. Its the main reason we flourish here and why guests continue to savor Kauai moments.  Its my privilege to teach guests about the wonders of our ocean environment and tempt them with an exciting array of fun things to do on Kauai. And  then there’s the FRESH water persuasion..abundant waterfalls, inner tubing aqueducts and more…

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