Secret Beach

summertime Kauai

…so you’re FINALLY doing it! Gathering the family for a trip of a lifetime to the gorgeous “Garden Island” , a place like no other.  The allure of Kauai has been quietly tugging and after months or years of planning,  now your coming!  You’ve done a ton of online homework, searching internet communities  for insight and positive comments on the “best” and “most spectacular” places to see, stay,and eat.  Taking control of this process is really exciting and vital in today’s world of finding the deal, feeling empowered, and getting your moneys worth. Those searches from travel blogs, trip advisors and expedia generated dialogue are valuable in many aspects yet lack the trusted  first hand insights lived true to life.  There is a style of existence here, and most anywhere for that matter, that is difficult to translate. As in any search for travel knowledge, I find friends and relatives who were present in the magic moments are the ideal source as they  have savored the  essence of Kauai.  Guidebooks state seemingly unbiased glossy opinion and expose a concise  road map that  neglect  changing  haphazard dynamics of season, site specific concerns, uncertainties and intangibles that will occur.  A new adventure is exciting and can bewilder even if a confident itinerary is in place and you’ve gathered mounds of insight.  Open a conversation with a  travel expert who lives and breathes the place you are visiting.  Harvest the goods  from an akamai “smart” local trusted advisor.  We are all  locals somewhere…and as a true local, we love to give special treatment tips and  gracious help  to all  so you flourish during your time here on Kauai.  mea ho’okipa,  true warm island hospitality…

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