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Why You Need More Than a Guide Book to Really Experience Kaua

As a year round exotic destination for vacationers, Kauai is visited by a diverse selection of intrepid tourists from around the globe.  Some seasoned travelers’ want only to sit quietly by the hotel pool and sip a cool drink uninterrupted.

Many passionate others venture here for a trip of a life time to immerse and experience the unique environment and culture of our lush isle.

To ensure your moments are amazing and memorable, hiring a born and raised local tour guide is highly recommended and will enhance your overall vacation.  KauaiStyleVacations.com


One of the first mistakes many newcomers make is purchasing a guidebook. While seemingly informative, their glossy one dimensional narratives are based on singular snapshot experiences, intent on spotlighting the “best” or showcasing their “real “opinions to sell more books. To the unknowing, its easy to believe and a simple thing to open to a page for immediate insights.  Credibility is difficult to gauge as authors admittedly have spent limited days here, their acclaim based on minimal engagement.

More importantly, guidebooks neglect to mention the ever changing seasonal and daily hazards readily encountered in our oceans and lush landscapes.  Passages will selfishly suggest that revealing a  hidden spot in their book is frowned upon due to exposure that “locals” don’t like while neglecting the inherent danger that only locals are aware of.  Many view Kauai as paradise found and instantly forgo their sense of personal responsibility. In tragic contrast, Kauai can be treacherous and intimidating as it is stunningly beautiful. No disclaimer can make up for something unfortunate occurring due to promotion in print.


We are privileged to live here year round and have intimate first hand wisdom of all things Kauai. We’ve immersed into every shoreline cove and waterfall, surfed and snorkeled all the secluded reefs, traversed the ridgeline trails and camped on the serene beaches. We’ve worked as local life guards and fire fighters allowing keen vigilance for risk aversion. We’ve savored the local cafes and newly established food trucks and tried out all the guest favorite activities. Tired of driving? We know the short cuts and back roads to avoid island rush hour. We are conscientious caretakers of our island home and visitors.


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