True local leisure…ramblings

I am delighted to report that despite recent concerns on various fronts from guests that i have had the pleasure of assisting, Aloha is alive and well this summer on Kauai.  With the increased influx of visitors to our island, perhaps a few random misgivings should be expected? Pause a moment…its vital to remember  the reasons we live here are the same reasons more world travelers are landing on our beautiful island  …nothing really needs to be pointed out.  Kauai just IS a magnificent choice !! …Special treatment this or VIP person that, all should be stirred into the selfless generosity mix…its our way of life to treat everyone as we expect to be treated, with grace and compassion, no consolation prizes allowed…

Shining examples of kokua outpace the occasional lapses.  True local etiquette is vibrantly displayed throughout our island and is witnessed and experienced daily.  Its interesting to visit internet sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp where  opinions range dramatically and are artificially edited or  spun out according to individual sagas.  Not wanting to trade blows with anyone yet Kauai  goes far beyond “being of gracious service” in all regards. Just my mana’o “opinion”.  Perhaps the rules appear looser here or a low voltage docile lifestyle is tough for those self bronzing folks  living on their status to climb down into.   Regardless, our signature essence is surrounding everyone with warm hospitality.  Boisterous self acclaim does visit occasionally  with high fashion accessories and disconnect, testing our Aloha. We Kauaians will exhaust ourselves and decorate those taking themselves way to serious. We do our best and its our pleasure!

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